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"My only way of really dealing with any of my life issues have been to use the arts.” (Anna Halprin)

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weekly courses


3-4:30 pm
Creative Music&Dance
Afterschool Program for Primary School



Private and Group Singing Lessons


Call (+680) 775-5630 or contact for private lessons.
Classes are being held at the Belau National Museum or Civic Center in Koror, Palau.

Teaching Focus


The Creative Music & Dance Program for Elementary School Students
is a comprehensive arts initiative, integrating music, dance and visual arts into a holistic curriculum.
The program that has been established by Benina Berger at the Belau National Museum
in cooperation with the Ministry HRCTD and Ministry of Education.

Previously funded by the NCD fund (Ministry of Health, Palau) it is a vital initiative that combats NCDs while promoting community health and wellness. It addresses pressing issues such as boredom, depression, obesity, diabetes, shyness, failure at self-improvement and self-concepts.
The program focuses on giving elementary school students already at a young age an opportunity to move, express themselves, an artistic outlet and purpose:
a continuous program and/or an experience they can engage with.

The program is designed to promote physical activity and mental well-being and a healthy lifestyle through music, dance, art and movement.
The main objectives of the program are to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and mental well-being promoting a continuous healthy lifestyle through dance, movement and music at the public and private elementary schools in Palau.
It gives young children the opportunity to participate in a holistic interdisciplinary educational program that focuses on dance skills, musical skills and social skills equally. The program intends to support the children with their talents and skills in finding a purpose by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and daily or weekly program they can engage with and develop their confidence and own personality.
Therefore, we implemented a holistic interdisciplinary education giving young children an opportunity for purpose, exposure and an artistic outlet.

Creative Music & Dance Program provides a stimulating environment which nurtures creativity and where originality and expressiveness are valued. It treats music and movement as a single entity.
Focus was on dance and improvisation games, fun in motion, interaction, choreography, body, awareness and expression, reaction, memory games, coordination, creativity, vocal and instrumental techniques. Moreover, the kids learn social skills as in how to interact with others and take responsibility in a group to create art together.

What words cannot express the arts do.

other available Workshops

Specific individual Workshops are available for children, teenagers and adults.
Topics and content usually differ considering age and request.
Workshops are available in english and deutsch.


∙ Music&Movement
∙ Contemporary Dance and Body Work
∙ New Dance Improvisation and Choreography
∙ Musicians meet Dancers
∙ Dance, Sound and Language

∙ Vocal techniques and Training
∙ Vocal-Improvisation
∙ Basic musical education
∙ A Journey through the Jungle
∙ The carnival of the animals
∙ The rainbow fish
∙ Around the world
∙ The Ocean


"New Dance/ Improvisation"
"Creative New Dance - die Sprache der Bewegung"
"Contemporary Dance - Koerperarbeit, Choreography and Improvisation"
"Selber erfinden und improvisieren mit Musik, Bewegung und Sprache"
"Tanz, Klang und Sprache"
"Balance – Wie komme ich zur Ruhe? Woher schöpfe ich Kraft? Was vitalisiert mich?"
"Freier Tanz, Flow und Atemmeditation"
"Impro 4 Teens - Selbst erfinden und improvisieren mit Sprache, Musik und Bewegung"
"Unterrichtsinhalte mal anders!"
"Vocaltraining - Stimme und Sound - Stimmentfaltung"

- für Erzieher, Schauspieler, Musiker und Tänzer und Interessierte -

"Fortbildung: Sprachförderung durch Musik und Bewegung"
Körpertraining und Tanz
"Improvisation: Musik und Tanz als Bühnenkunst"
"Bewegung, Klang und Sprache"

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