Benina Berger is a multi-faceted contemporary vocal artist, dance performer and teacher. 

She studied MUSIC&MOVEMENT (BA) which is a widely used method of musical teaching.
It treats music and movement as a single entity.
The use of IMPROVISATION and design promotes and links various areas such as sensory perception, movement, spatial orientation, musical faculties, interaction, communication and self-expression. (1)

During her studies, she focused on dance and vocal improvisation techniques.
Sounds, rattles, phonetics, sound surfaces and soundscapes, tone colors, pattern and experience has become her creative art craft. 

Her special interest is the interdisciplinary communication between DANCE and MUSIC.
The Art of Improvisation as a stage performance itself.
A performance in the moment.
She works with different artists, such as musicians, dancers, fine artists and other performers.

Music is movement. Movement is music.


2015 Bachelor of Music Music&Movement (Rhythmics/EMP)
State University of Music Trossingen Germany


New Dance
Contemporary Dance
Improvisation in Music and Dance
Rhythmic/Elementary Music Education
Singing and Vocal Improv (Classical, Jazz, Improv, Soul&Pop)

strongly influenced by:
Lilo Stahl, Harald Kimmig, Claudia Kolbus, Rosemarie Jakschitsch and Anika Koese


since 2018   Performance Projects and Teaching in South East Asia and the Pacific, Palau
2016-2018   piccolino at Musikakademie Kapfenburg, Germany

2015-2018   MuBiKiN in Nuernberg, Germany
2014-2015   New Dance Teacher at Tanzschule Trossingen, Germany
since 2013   Freelancing Vocal Artist, Singer, Dancer and Performer in several projects 
Music&Movement teacher

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